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What Is Commercial Propane Used For?

A look at what the fuel can do Commercial propane is extremely important – sometimes even vital- to certain businesses and industries. In fact, some commercial businesses would not be able to operate and function without it. So what exactly is commercial propane used for? Commercial propane applications Commercial propane is used in warehouses, factories, […]

Residential Propane Tank Size Guide

What size tank do you need? Being a propane customer and using propane to power and fuel appliances, equipment and machinery around your home means making sure you have enough propane on hand to help everything run. It also means making sure your home is equipped with the proper residential propane tank size. Below is […]

What Is Propane?

What Is Propane? The basics of the versatile fuel If you are a homeowner there is a good chance that you use propane in one way or another around your home for either heating purposes, warming water or drying your clothes in a clothes dryer. If you are a business owner perhaps you use propane […]

Welcome to the New Valley Propane Website!

We made it with your needs in mind Since 1938, Valley Propane has prided itself on anticipating and addressing the needs of the families, farms, businesses and other customers we serve. As a democratically controlled cooperative, our mission of delivering premium propane, great value, and responsive, friendly service has never wavered. Now, we’ve chosen to […]