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What Is a Cooperative?

You can be an active member in your propane company’s success

Valley Propane has been a cooperative since our founding in 1938. Much was different back then, including the fuels and services we offered. But our commitment to our Montana customers and communities remains the same. That’s why we believe it’s crucial that you can become a member and have a more substantial role in our operations and success.

What is a cooperative?

A cooperative is a business that’s owned and democratically controlled by the people who use its services. The members of the cooperative have a stake in the profits generated by the business, which are distributed based on how much each member uses the services.

Why should you consider joining the cooperative?

Today, more than ever, people care about how the companies they patronize conduct business. We know that you can choose to receive your home fuel from a multinational conglomerate or from a local operator. When you do business with Valley Propane, you get more than excellent service and quality fuel. You get the chance to have a personal role in our business.

As a Valley Propane member, you are part of the ownership of a company that ensures your home comfort. Additionally, members are eligible for our Patronage Refund. At the end of the fiscal year, we issue cash or equity allocations. The total refund depends on how profitable Valley Propane was that year, and we allocate refunds based on how much business each member did throughout the year.

How to become a Valley Propane cooperative member

There is a minimum purchase amount required for you to become a cooperative member. As long as you do that amount of business, becoming a member is easy! Please fill out the Become a Customer form and fill out a credit application. There is no additional fee for membership. Once an account is created, your purchases are tracked.

Being a Valley Propane member means you have a stake in the ownership of the company, contributing to the assurance of your home comfort.