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What Is Propane Autogas?

A look at the alternative fuel choice

propane autogas Sheperd, MT We often associate cars, trucks and buses with either gasoline or diesel fuel. After all, how many gas stations do you just happen to pass in a day while you are out driving? But did you know that there is an alternative to both these fuels? We are talking about propane autogas!

What is propane autogas?

Propane autogas can be used in vehicles the same way that gasoline and diesel fuel is used in vehicles. Due to the fact that it is a more sustainable fuel and we are living in a world determined to be more “green” and eco friendly, propane autogas is becoming a more common choice when it comes to fueling a vehicle. In fact, research from the Alternative Fuels Data Center shows that propane autogas is being used to fuel about 66% of alternative fuel vehicles here in the United States. This statistic makes it the number three fuel choice, coming in just behind diesel fuel and your standard gasoline.

Propane autogas is most commonly used to fuel:

Why propane autogas is becoming a popular choice

Propane autogas’ popularity is not merely a coincidence. It offers quite a few advantages and benefits to the people who use it to power their vehicles. Those benefits include:

Propane autogas from Valley Propane

Any business owner with a fleet of vehicles here in Montana can count on Valley Propane for the propane autogas they need to keep their companies moving. We can supply autogas to any vehicle throughout the region!

Not ready to make the switch to propane autogas? We deliver diesel fuel and gasoline too!

Contact Valley Propane today to learn more about all the fuel options we offer and to become a customer today.

What you need to know about your propane cylinder

grill tank Columbus, MT If you are just taking an interest in your propane grill or if you have recently purchased a propane grill, chances are you are going to need some guidance on how to use this grill to get your cooking done. That may be a given. What may be less of a given is that you need to get familiar with your grill’s propane cylinder.

Consider this your guide! Below is what you need to know when it comes to your grill tank.

Getting to know your propane cylinder

Your grill’s propane cylinder (otherwise known as a grill tank) is a pivotal part of your grill. After all, if it’s empty or not full enough you won’t be able to grill at all!

The basics of your grill tank are fairly simple: you make sure it’s full and connected properly to your grill and start grilling. Using a propane cylinder makes the grilling process relatively easy. But of course, there is more to a propane cylinder than just that.

Replacing & installing new propane cylinders

Part of what makes grilling with propane so easy is how simple it is to change out your propane cylinder when it’s time for a new one. To change your grill tank all you need to do is:

Grill tank safety

Anyone who wants to make grilling on a propane grill a regular hobby needs to make sure they are doing so safely. That includes knowing how to safely and properly store, handle and transport your grill’s propane cylinders. So we have put together the below safety tips to help keep you out of harms way:

Come to Valley Propane for your grill’s propane

Montana homeowners can count on Valley Propane for the propane they need. Whether you have a portable tank for a grill, another outdoor living appliance or a RV, our team can help.

For your convenience, we offer propane cylinder exchanges at all our office locations and cylinder refills at select locations.

The Valley Propane professionals are available for all your portable propane tank needs. Contact us today to learn more!

A look at what the fuel can do

commercial propane Commercial propane is extremely important – sometimes even vital- to certain businesses and industries. In fact, some commercial businesses would not be able to operate and function without it. So what exactly is commercial propane used for?

Commercial propane applications

Commercial propane is used in warehouses, factories, on construction sites and within the manufacturing, agricultural and hospitality industries. It is incredibly versatile and can be used in countless different ways and to power numerous appliances and pieces of equipment. Here is a look at some of the things commercial propane can do:

The benefits commercial propane offers

As you can see, there are so many different ways to use commercial propane, which is part of the appeal. On top of that, there are many other benefits and advantages that propane provides its users. These include:

Commercial propane from Valley Propane

When your Montana business needs commercial propane, the Valley Propane team can help. One of our expert drivers can even deliver bulk propane right to your door or worksite.

If your business needs a new propane tank we can help with that too. Our technicians can work with you to pick out the size tank that you need and then we can install it and make sure it’s up and working properly.

Let Valley Propane help keep your business up and running with commercial propane. Contact us today to let us know how we can help with your commercial propane needs!

What size tank do you need?

propane tank Big Timber, MT Being a propane customer and using propane to power and fuel appliances, equipment and machinery around your home means making sure you have enough propane on hand to help everything run. It also means making sure your home is equipped with the proper residential propane tank size. Below is some guidance on how you can go about doing this.

The different propane tank sizes

Like many things that we use around our homes and within our daily lives, propane tanks come in various sizes. Common sizes of residential propane tanks include:

Valley propane is proud to sell propane tanks in all the above sizes.

The amount of propane in a propane tank

It is important to keep in mind that a 250-gallon propane tank doesn’t and shouldn’t actually contain 250 gallons of propane (the same goes for a 500-gallon propane tank and a 1,000-gallon tank). This is a matter of safety.

A propane tank should really only be filled to about 80% to leave room for the gas to expand as its temperature rises. Filling a propane tank to its absolute max capacity puts you and your family in harms way.

Therefore, a 250-gallon tank actually only holds about 200 gallons of propane at a time. A 500-gallon tank holds about 400 gallons of propane and a 1,000-gallon propane tank holds about 800 gallons of propane at once.

Choosing the right size propane tank for your home

It is important to think about and consider a few different factors when you’re trying to decide on a residential propane tank size. This includes:

Propane and propane tank services from Valley Propane

Both homeowners and business owners all throughout Montana can count on Valley Propane for the propane and propane tank services they need. Our services include propane tank leasing, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

If you’ve been getting your propane from another provider and are looking to make the switch, Valley Propane makes that process easy with our EZ Switch & Save program – our team more or less handles everything!

When you’re looking to lease a propane tank or are looking for propane for your grill, commercial forklift or home heating system, Valley Propane can help. Contact us today to get started with our propane services!

What Is Propane?

The basics of the versatile fuel

propane montana If you are a homeowner there is a good chance that you use propane in one way or another around your home for either heating purposes, warming water or drying your clothes in a clothes dryer. If you are a business owner perhaps you use propane to power a generator, forklift or commercial cooking range that helps keeps your company up and running. But do you know what propane is and where it comes from?

A breakdown of propane

Propane, which is also sometimes called liquid petroleum gas or LPG, is an energy source and a fuel that is a byproduct of natural gas processing and crude oil refining.

When it is being transported or stored in a propane tank it is a liquid. However, it vaporizes into a gas when pressure is released. When in the form of a gas, it can be used to power a wide variety of appliances and equipment systems.

A look at what propane can do

Propane is known as an incredibly versatile fuel. It can be used to power quite an extensive list of items. Propane can be used for:

Why people choose propane

The versatility mentioned above is certainly one reason why many home and business owners choose to use propane. But the fact that it is versatile is just one of many reasons why propane is becoming more and more popular. Take a look at some of the other benefits of using propane:

Propane from Valley Propane

Valley Propane has been providing reliable propane services to both home and business owners throughout Montana for decades. Whether you need propane for your home heating system, a gas grill or your company’s forklift, our expert team can help.

We have your propane tank needs covered as well. Valley Propane sells and leases both aboveground and underground propane tanks that we can install on your property.

If you are in Montana and are looking for propane services that you can count on, contact Valley Propane today!

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