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Diesel Delivery

We provide premium Cenex® on-road and off-road diesel

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Valley Propane is part of the Valley Farmers Supply cooperative, which has delivered high-quality fuels and other services to Montanans since 1938. Part of our mission has always been to provide exceptional refined fuels to farmers and other commercial customers.

We know that many businesses — whether they’re agricultural or otherwise — can’t operate efficiently without a dependable diesel partner. Our on-road and off-road diesel fuel delivery team is second to none. Moreover, we proudly offer world-class Cenex® fuels, which make a difference in your engine performance, efficiency and maintenance budget.

Top-quality Cenex diesel for on-road and off-road usage

Not all diesel fuel is the same. If you use cut-rate diesel in your fleet vehicles, farm equipment, generators, forklifts or other equipment, you could end up with poor fuel efficiency and higher upkeep costs.

The Valley team stands by the excellent Cenex diesel fuel products we sell and deliver, including the following:

We deliver on-road and off-road diesel directly to you!

The Valley team understands that having to line up at a diesel fuel pump every morning can cost you a lot of money in lost productivity. Plus, constantly having to reconcile service station receipts is a major aggravation.

We can help you do away with all that wasted labor with convenient on-site diesel delivery. If you have a safe and accessible fuel tank, our dependable fuel delivery team can bring our diesel fuel right to you. We’ll even work closely with you to create a delivery schedule that meets your exact needs.

Diesel Fuel FAQs

What is the difference between on-road and off-road diesel?

On-road and off-road diesel are essentially the same fuel, but off-road diesel is dyed red to differentiate them because they are taxed differently. On-road diesel is subject to additional taxes and surcharges that can make it considerably pricier per gallon than off-road diesel. However, you can only use off-road diesel in non-road vehicles and equipment. You’ll face significant fees, if you are found on a public roadway with red-dyed diesel in your vehicle tank.

What is the shelf life of diesel?

Depending on outdoor temperatures, diesel’s shelf life is typically between 6 and 12 months. It’s important to consider this when arranging a diesel delivery schedule.

What affects the price of diesel in Montana?

As with all energy sources, diesel’s price fluctuates. Supply and demand play a big role in this, especially if there is a decrease in refinery output, as we’ve seen with the global pandemic and production cuts from OPEC. The price of diesel, a distillate of crude oil, tracks the price of crude on commodity markets. Diesel is also subject to taxes from federal, state, county and local entities.

Get responsive fuel services from a community-focused cooperative with decades of experience. Contact Valley Propane to order fuel for your business.