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Propane for Farming

Agricultural propane to power ranches, farms, orchards and other operations in Montana

In 1938, the cooperative that became Valley Farmers Supply began delivering premium fuels to farmers and ranchers in our Montana service region. Nearly a century later, Valley Propane (a part of Valley Farmers Supply) continues in that mission of providing the power that keeps agricultural businesses running.

Supporting farmers is in our DNA — and we are always here to help keep your ranch, orchard, farm or greenhouse profitable.

Agricultural propane for multiple farm functions

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Every year, more agricultural operations in Montana turn to propane as a replacement for gasoline or diesel. It tends to cost less than those other fuels, and the levels of its oxide and particulate matter emissions are considerably lower. Propane is nontoxic, so even if it leaks, your soil and water will be unharmed.

Propane is also incredibly versatile as an agricultural fuel. You can use it for:

We install and connect propane tanks on farms and ranches

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Regardless of whether you have a family ranch, a large-scale agricultural business or anything in between, the Valley Propane team can set you up with one or more propane tanks sized to your specific functions. We can connect these tanks to your propane systems, plus provide safety and leak testing. We won’t leave your site until you are up and running!

Our team of licensed propane technicians is also available for any tank maintenance or repairs you may need.

Trust Valley Propane — your local agricultural fuel partner

Farmers and ranchers in and around Billings, Big Timber, Red Lodge, Columbus and nearby towns know they can count on Valley Propane to always be there, even when other fuel companies fall behind. With our extensive propane storage, top-notch vehicle fleet and unparalleled workforce, we have the resources to get you your fuel regardless of supply challenges or bad weather.

But the most important component of our business is our employees’ dedication to you, the customer. You can always reach us, if you need emergency service. Your inquiry will receive a response from a team member in Montana, not a call center on the other side of the world. We’re committed to your agricultural business’s success.

If you need gasoline, or off-road or on-road diesel deliveries, we can handle those, too!

As a Valley Propane customer, you’ll never need to worry about running out of fuel. Order propane today.