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It’s Easy to Switch to Valley Propane

From tank installation to safety testing, our team is here for your family!

easy to switch tanks

Homeowners in Yellowstone, Treasure, Rosebud, Big Horn, Stillwater, Carbon, Sweet Grass and Musselshell counties want to know they’re getting the best possible heating fuel service for a fair, transparent price. Unfortunately, many folks put up with unsatisfactory propane service because they’re worried about the stress and disruption of switching fuel providers.

We get it, and at Valley Propane, we are committed to making your service switch 100% seamless. With EZ Switch & Save, you can make a change for the better and get the reliable propane delivery you deserve!

What you can expect from EZ Switch & Save

When you change service to Valley Propane, our team handles all the planning. We’ll go over your propane needs to ensure that you get the right size propane tank to meet them.

The Valley Propane team will promptly install your tank and get it connected to your home, with installation done to the highest standards for safety.

Qualifying customers, who lease their propane tanks from us, receive FREE tank monitoring service, tank maintenance services and replacements for the life of the lease!

Are you a veteran or a first responder? We offer an automatic discount on your propane. Just tell us when you’re signing up.

Become a member of the Valley Propane cooperative!

As part of the Valley Farmers Supply cooperative, Valley Propane is owned and democratically controlled by the individuals and families who use our products and services. We invite you to become a member of this thriving, community-focused cooperative.

Valley Propane customers who meet a minimum purchase threshold, which fluctuates year to year, can become cooperative members at no additional cost. You’ll have a stake in the business that helps heat your home and power your appliances. Additionally, you will be eligible to receive an annual Patronage Refund. The refund is a cash or equity allocation based on how much business you did during the year.

Valley Propane is a full-service, member-owned home comfort provider. We want to serve your Montana household and welcome you to our family of happy patrons. Become a customer today!