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Propane Delivery for Montana Households

The Valley Propane team delivers to areas in Yellowstone, Treasure, Rosebud, Big Horn, Stillwater, Carbon, Sweet Grass and Musselshell counties

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When your home’s heating, hot water, kitchen, laundry and general comfort depend on propane gas, you cannot afford to have an empty tank. The friendly professionals at Valley Propane are always here to ensure that you have the fuel you need.

Our propane delivery team is second to none. Backed by a crew of dedicated, experienced professionals, a fleet of reliable trucks, and bulk propane storage at multiple locations, we make sure you get your fuel safely and right on time. Plus, we offer the most competitive pricing in the region.

Reach out to Valley Propane to begin dependable propane delivery that’s tailored to meet your needs.

Automatic Delivery — Leave the planning to us!

Propane run-outs present significant comfort and safety issues. If your propane tank runs empty, you’ll be without heating and many major appliances until we can get an emergency delivery to you. Additionally, we’ll need to perform a leak and safety check before we can refill your tank and light your pilots.

But Valley Propane has a way to ensure that you never run out of propane — and it’s totally free.

With Automatic Delivery, our advanced forecasting software tracks your home’s propane usage. Then we schedule your next delivery in advance, so you get your fuel before you have a chance to run out. Automatic Delivery takes all the stress out of receiving propane.

We offer ‘Will-Call’ delivery service, too

Do you prefer to keep track of your tank gauge yourself and contact us when you need a fill-up?

Valley Propane offers “Will-Call” deliveries to customers. We encourage you to reach out to our team when your tank is at 30% to schedule a delivery. If you want some extra help tracking your propane usage, you can contact us about setting up propane tank monitoring. This service enables you to check your propane tank remotely using a smartphone app. Whether you’re home in bed or in another time zone, you’ll know exactly how much propane you have in the tank.

Become a member to join our growing cooperative community

propane delivery billings, mt

Valley Propane is a cooperative, part of the Valley Farmers Supply, which is more than 85 years old. Our business is owned and democratically controlled by members, who use our services, and the benefits of our success go back to the membership.

As long as you make our minimum annual purchase requirement, you can become a Valley Propane member at no additional cost. As a member, you will have a stake in our success. This includes an annual Patronage Refund, through which each member receives a cash-and-equity allocation based on how much business they did during the year.

Whether or not you are a member of the cooperative, you can take advantage of Valley Propane’s fair, competitive prices, as well as pricing and payment programs that can protect your per-gallon rate and stabilize your billing. We also offer discounts to veterans and first responders who receive fuel from us.

Propane delivery FAQs

Do I use more propane as an Automatic Delivery customer?

Not at all. We only deliver fuel when you need it, and you only pay for the propane we add to your tank.

What if I need a propane tank?

We make changing service to Valley Propane simple with EZ Switch & Save. We lease propane tanks to our customers at an affordable price and offer free tank monitoring to tank-lease customers. Our expert team will install and connect your tank, plus provide free propane safety inspections and leak tests. We also sell propane tanks.

How much propane does my home need?

The Valley Propane team will look at your home and the propane-fired equipment you have. With this information, we can determine the best size of propane tank for you and accurately arrange your fuel delivery schedule.

How should I prepare for a propane delivery?

To ensure a smooth propane delivery, make sure that your house number is visible and the gate to your property is open. If we’ve had snow, please shovel a path to your propane tank. Finally, please also shovel your driveway and add sand or salt to melt any ice. This will make it possible for our drivers to park their trucks safely.

If you’re looking for a propane delivery company with long-standing connections to the community, look no further than Valley Propane. Reach out to us to become a customer.