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Propane Tanks

Propane tank leasing, installation, maintenance and monitoring for households in Montana

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When you trust Valley Propane with your home energy needs, we will ensure that you have precisely the propane storage you need. Whether you heat your whole home with propane, depend on propane for a standby generator or use this versatile fuel for a couple of appliances, we have a propane tank for you.

Families in parts of Yellowstone, Treasure, Rosebud, Big Horn, Stillwater, Carbon, Sweet Grass and Musselshell counties can lease propane tanks from us. They know they can trust us to keep their tanks in good shape and reliably filled.

Why should you lease a tank from Valley Propane?

There are many compelling reasons that so many of our customers choose to lease their propane tank from us. Here’s what you get with a Propane Valley tank lease:

With an affordable tank lease from Valley Propane, you can rest easy knowing that our team has you covered, from installation through every propane delivery you receive!

Interested in purchasing a propane tank? You can also buy your tank from us.

What size propane tank is right for your home?

The experienced, locally based technicians at Valley Propane are at your service to find the right propane tank to accommodate your household and all its gas-fired products.

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Most tank lease customers use our 500-gallon tank, which can easily power a furnace, a water heater and other standard propane appliances.

We sell propane tanks in a range of sizes, including:

We offer both aboveground and underground tanks and will work closely with you to find the right placement on your property.

How does propane tank monitoring prevent run-outs?

With a propane tank monitor, you will never be in the dark as to how much propane you have. These state-of-the-art devices use wireless and cellular technology to transmit up-to-the-minute information about your tank levels.

Valley Propane can track your fuel use and arrange a propane delivery right when you need it. You can track your fuel levels, too, from a smartphone app. Wherever you are, you’ll know precisely how much propane is in your tank.

If you lease a tank with Valley Propane, your propane tank monitoring is FREE!

Valley Propane makes switching service easy!

Changing propane providers can be stressful, but not with us. Our EZ Switch & Save program means that you can rest easy, knowing that our experienced team is handling everything. You enjoy the benefit of decades of experience. We’ll help you find the ideal propane tank for your home, install it promptly and safely, and provide ongoing service that means you get the most from your premium gas-fired equipment.

Get the propane services you deserve. Become a Valley Propane customer today.